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Research Objectives: Provide performance data of paved sections comparing Tensar TriAx geogrids to conventional methods over very stiff soils. Compare a thicker asphalt pavement to thinner stabilized asphalt pavement with a TriAx stabilized base. Record pavement response data in order to verify Tensar’s mechanistic models currently available on the market. Verify SpectraPave4Pro design values.

This video presentation provides an overview of recent research conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers at the US Army Engineering Research and Development Center. This testing is different from many previous studies on the use of geogrids in roadway applications. Most previous studies have been performed on unpaved sections over soft soils, or on paved section over soft soils. This recent testing was performed over stiff to very stiff subgrade soils. Additionally, trafficking for this study exceeded 800,000 ESALs.

Finding from this study showed that Tensar TX geogrids could reduce asphalt by 25%, and aggregate base thicknesses by 25% while still improving pavement performance over stiff soils by approximately 62% and reducing deformation by up to 44%. Values used within Tensar’s 3rd party reviewed design software were also shown to be conservative.


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