Hawk's Prairie Park and Ride

Lacey, WA

2009 - 2012 

Check out how Tensar contributes to the construction of Hawk's Prairie Park and Ride in Lacey, WA. 

  • Owner/Developer: Thurston County, Washington
  • Design Engineer: Contractor: KPFF Consulting Engineers / Tacoma Geotechnical Engineering
  • Contractor: Scarcella Brothers, Inc.
  • Distributor: ACF West, Inc.
Client's Challenge

Contractors seek to build a new park and ride facility on top of a retired landfill. In 2008, studies showed that the differential settlement would continue as waste materials further decomposed. Therefore, soil stabilization and pavement reinforcement were critical elements of the project.

Tensar's Solution

Tensar offered both Triax Geogrid and the GlasGrid System. TriAx Geogrid was laid in a single layer in areas supporting parking and commuter lanes. For the bus-traffic areas, two levels of TriAx Geogrid were laid within the final 60 inches of fill, with the spaces between them being 16 inches. The GlasGrid® System was used to strengthen the 3 in. of asphalt layer before adding another 3 in. of surface asphalt.