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Design Support 

A partner beside you every step of the way

A project is about more than a simple product choice – it's about a design that meets the owner’s needs, lowers costs, improves design life, and protects your reputation. In other words, it’s about the total value you receive from a partner committed to making your project a success.

At Tensar, we go beyond merely selling products. Our team of trained engineers and sales representatives can be here for you from the start of your project to its completion and anywhere between. As your partner, we bring expert advice and award-winning software that allows you to create and defend specifications more easily and design with greater confidence.

Value Engineering

Don’t sacrifice performance for price. We can help you maximize budgets with proven strategies that create the highest performing structures often at lower cost. Our experienced team works with you to determine the best solution for your project’s unique circumstances and requirements. Whether you need to reduce the aggregate base, stabilize soft soils, extend project life, or some combination therein, we are here to help you achieve your project specific goals.

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Tensar+™ Software

For years, construction professionals around the world have trusted Tensar’s award-winning design software to evaluate design options and optimize performance. Tensar+, formerly SpectraPave™, is a free, cloud-based software that allows engineers, contractors, and owners to design with geogrid in a variety of applications, including pavement construction, soft soil stabilization and haul road design.

The software calculates the total value of the Tensar solution compared to conventional construction alternatives. Value is based not only on performance vs. initial cost, but also lifecycle cost, time savings, and sustainability. Tensar+ incorporates the benefits of Tensar geogrids into industry-accepted design methodologies, based on rigorous full-scale testing and validated by third-party experts. Tensar+ provides specification generation, along with educational resources to help users make informed decisions. No previous knowledge or experience in pavement design is required to benefit from Tensar+.

With Tensar+, you can:

  • Design and evaluate pavement and gravel sections over a variety of subgrade conditions
  • Easily compare design alternatives, including geotextiles, geogrids and conventional construction
  • Determine initial and lifecycle cost savings, time savings, and sustainability metrics by incorporating Tensar geogrids

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Tensar+ supports all modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge 10+, and many others. For optimal security and experience, it does not support Internet Explorer or older versions of Edge.

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TensarSoil® Software

Make segmental retaining wall design simple, fast and more effective with TensarSoil. Fully interactive, this new program allows you to enter and modify the geometry of the project, the degree or design of the geogrid, additional loads and/or soil characteristics to determine stability data and material costs instantly.

Used successfully in Europe, Asia, and other regions for more than two decades, the latest version has been expanded to assess the feasibility, potential performance and cost benefits of each of our geogrid-reinforced systems.

Compatible with major industry standard protocols, including National Association of Concrete Masonry (NCMA) 1997, Federal Highway Administration – Demonstration Project 82 (1997), American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials – Load and Resistance Factor Design (AASHTO LRFD) 2007, and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials – Load and Resistance Factor Design (AASHTO LRFD) 2007.

SpectraRail Software

SpectraRail is a comprehensive software suite that offers the full benefits of Tensar’s knowledge and experience in track design. The software was developed specifically to evaluate and compare designs for both unstabilized and mechanically stabilized trackbeds.

Geotechnical engineers will appreciate the comprehensive cost analysis tool for each scenario, as well as the estimates on track settlement for a specific level of performance. This software is available free of charge following the completion of a free training module delivered by a Tensar specialist.

In addition to offering design software, Tensar can provide comprehensive design assistance for every stage of a project using SpectraRail. Given a specific set of soil and proposed loading conditions, a full design section can be developed by Tensar to include a trackbed section in full compliance with AREMA guidelines.

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Dimension® System

Reliable foundation construction over poor soils is one of the most difficult challenges that developers and designers face. The potential for differential settlement can threaten a project’s success, and poor soil conditions can increase project costs and construction time. The Dimension foundation improvement system provides an economical alternative to a potentially costly problem. It helps designers construct reliable foundations at a lower cost than conventional foundation improvement methods. The Dimension system uses a mechanically stabilized earth system composed of cohesionless soil and Tensar geogrids. Interlocking creates a stiff platform, which distributes loads widely and uniformly over underlying soils. This increases effective bearing capacity by a factor of up to three and reduces estimated settlement up to 60%.

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Prism® System

The construction of embankments, bridge approach fills, causeways, levees, and dikes over weak soils can be expensive and time-consuming when traditional techniques are used. Tensar developed the Prism foundation improvement system as a better alternative. The Prism system is a composite structure that distributes loads over a wider area to create a stable embankment. It provides a structurally sound, cost-effective alternative to over-excavation and replacement, extensive surcharging, chemical stabilization, and other conventional approaches. We offer full design support for projects using the Prism System.

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Design with confidence, from anywhere.

  • Design & evaluate pavement and gravel sections
  • Easily compare alternative materials
  • Determine initial and lifecycle cost savings, time savings, and sustainability metrics
  • High-level summary of the design alternatives for project stakeholders
  • Sharing features that aid collaboration

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