Norfolk Southern Calumet

Calumet, IL

Summer 2023

Cranes? Trucks? Dolly pads? Stabilize it all with Tensar® InterAx®.

  • Owner: Norfolk Southern
  • Contractor: K-Five Construction
Client's Challenge

Norfolk Southern was expanding the operational capacity of their intermodal facility in Calumet, Illinois. This required a subgrade stabilization solution that would support the heavy loads of three new gantry cranes trafficking over a rigid pavement. Proposed trucking lanes, parking, and dolly pads required stabilization as well. The subgrade CBR as determined by soil borings was 1.5%, and Norfolk Southern engineers reached out to Tensar to design a solution.

Tensar Solution

A Tensar representative designed a solution using Tensar+ design software that minimized undercut, saving time and cost of haul-off. The design used one layer of NX750 InterAx geogrid underneath a variety of aggregate, asphalt, and rigid concrete thicknesses depending on the application and the required loading in that area. In total, seven different flexible and rigid pavement sections were designed and constructed using NX750 to cost-effectively distribute the various loads and protect the subgrade.

Products Used


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