Port Washington Townhomes

Orange Beach, AL

Spring 2023 

Minimize differential settlement with Tensar® InterAx™ geogrid

  • Engineer: GeoCon Engineering & Materials Testing, Inc. 
  • Contractor: Middleton Construction 
  • Developer: TerraCore Development Services
Client's Challenge

Two-story townhomes were being built on a site near the Gulf of Mexico that mostly consisted of fairly dense sand layers but also contained layers of soft clay and loose sands that could prove problematic. Two feet of structural fill was needed to bring the site to final grade. The project engineer was concerned about long-term differential settlements once the fill was added. The non-uniform nature of the soils posed a risk that needed to be addressed with a foundation improvement system.

Tensar Solution

Tensar designed mechanically stabilized layers consisting of two layers of Tensar® NX750™ geogrid and two 12” lifts of clean, angular sand. This system provided a more uniform mat foundation beneath the concrete slabs and minimized the potential for differential settlements to within tolerable limits. 

Products Used


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