Google Tree Farm

Gilroy, California

Tensar InterAx™ geogrid increases performance and reduces future maintenance at tree farm

  • Owner: Google, LLC
  • Engineer: Mark Thomas
  • Contractor: Granite Construction
Client's Challenge

Google had purchased 40 acres of land in Gilroy, California, designated as a tree farm to grow trees for its existing and new campuses; however, the site had no geographical information available. Typically, soil used for planting is not considered good for constructing roads. It was important to optimize the performance of the ground in order to support nursery truck operations and reduce future maintenance.

Tensar Solution

Tensar initially recommended 6 - 8 inches of aggregate base placed on NX750 by calculating worst case scenarios and risks the client was willing to accept. Ultimately, the civil decided to use 6 inches of Class 2 permeable over the geogrid. This is a fitting example of how Tensar solutions allow clients a range of options and enable an informed decision. This design improved performance and will greatly reduce future maintenance. The materials can also be easily located in the event the land must be restored after use.

Products Used


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