Mount Royal Estates


August 2021

Tensar InterAx™ geogrid reduces backfill by half and mitigates long-term settlement of subdivision roads

  • Owner: City of Cranbrook
  • Engineer: McElhanney
  • Contractor: BAD Ventures, Ltd.
Client's Challenge

Following original construction of the subdivision, excessive settlement of fills occurred resulting in the need to reconstruct roadways and repair underlying infrastructure.

Tensar Solution

Tensar NX750 geogrid was selected to enable construction over very soft, saturated soils and to enhance long-term performance. Benefits of the InterAx solution were its ability to immediately bridge over the subgrade and provide a stronger base for compaction. It also reduced the depth of removals and backfills by half, decreasing construction time, materials, and cost. Future benefits include reducing long-term settlement and deformation including lateral cracking of the asphalt surface over time.

Products Used


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