BNSF Maintenance Facility

San Bernardino, CA


Value engineer your costs away with Tensar® InterAx® geogrid.

  • Contractor: Granite Construction
  • Engineer: Wilson & Company
Client's Challenge

Growing demands and aging infrastructure created the need for the intermodal facility modernization. Several project challenges cause the team to pursue alternative pavement and rail section designs:

  • Potential contaminated subgrade soils.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Aggressive construction schedule.
Tensar Solution

The contractor worked with Tensar to value engineer the track and pavement sections to save money, material, and time for the project.

Track sections consisting of 12” of ballast placed on 12” of sub-ballast on high strength geotextile was reduced to 12” of ballast placed on 6” of sub-ballast placed on InterAx geogrid. Approximately 11 acres of heavy-duty truck drive lanes and trailer parking was value engineered from 8” of asphalt concrete on 12” of aggregate base down to 7” of asphalt concrete on 6” of aggregate base placed on InterAx geogrid.

Products Used


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