Toronto Pearson Airport

Missisauga, ON


Significant cost and time savings achieved on runway rehabilitation

Client's Challenge

Runway 06L/24R at Toronto's Pearson Airport was in need of reconstruction. Soft and potentially contaminated soils were present in the area of the runway. The cost of sub-excavation and removal of these soils was prohibitive. Stabilization of aggregate layers over the existing subgrade would be impossible without additional work and treatment.

Tensar Solution

Tensar worked with the pavement designers to provide a solution that would mechanically stabilize the recycled concrete aggregate subbase so that sub-excavation and removal of the subgrade soil was not required. The project was originally specified with Tensar TX7 geogrid and a non-woven geotextile for filtration and water wicking. During the project, all parties agreed to switch over to InterAx NX750 geogrid to gain the benefit of better performance.

Products Used


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