Tranquillo Subdivision

Oro Valley, AZ

June 2023

Cost and time savings achieved with Tensar® InterAx® Geogrid. 

Client's Challenge

Soft subgrades became a challenge during the construction of a subdivision. Poor quality silty subgrade and a very wet winter/spring created moisture at depth. This caused instability and a solution was needed to better support construction and in-service traffic. Both cement stabilization and an unstabilized design with additional aggregate proved to be expensive.

Tensar Solution

The Lees Approach (LAAMS) for unpaved roads was used to design a solution using InterAx NX850 geogrid and 9” of AB. LAAMS offers more precision in the design since it incorporates the true behavior of a geogrid-stabilized design when subjected to dynamic stresses from vehicular loading. This solution resulted in 44% cost savings, saved a day of construction and reduced carbon by 49% when compared to an unstabilized design with additional aggregate.

Products Used


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