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Prism® Foundation Improvement System

The construction of embankments, bridge approach fills, causeways, levees and dikes over weak soils – especially over wetlands areas – is challenging. Projects like these are expensive and time-consuming when traditional techniques are used.

Tensar developed the Prism® Foundation Improvement System as a better alternative. The Prism System is a composite structure that distributes loads over a wider area to create a stable embankment. It provides a structurally sound, cost-effective alternative to overexcavation and replacement, extensive surcharging, chemical stabilization and other conventional approaches. 

    The Prism System’s benefits to designers, owners and contractors include:

    -Reduced undercutting and backfilling – Reduces the need for expensive select fills and the disposal of excavated materials, which may be contaminated and require special handling. It also reduces the need for excavation adjacent to existing embankments, which can often destabilize them.

    -Stabilized foundation and core – An internally stabilized composite foundation and core reduces the need for surcharge loading, lowering overall fill requirements and mitigating differential settlement and its impact on the structure.

    -Fast construction – Rapid installation of the Prism System accelerates project completion, reducing the likelihood of disruption caused by factors like inclement weather.

    No chemical treatment – Eliminates a time-consuming operation with potentially negative environmental impacts.

    -Environmentally friendly – The overall footprint or area disturbed is reduced, diminishing environmental impact on wetlands and lowering restoration time and costs. The system also decreases and can eliminate the need for additional right-of-way purchases or wetlands creation.

    -Compatible techniques – The Prism System can be combined with other ground modification techniques including Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers® and end-bearing pile systems.

    Full design support – Conceptual proposals and value-engineered solutions can be evaluated at no additional cost.

    <strong>Embankment Foundations That Are Faster, <br>More Efficient and Less Costly to Build</strong>

    The Prism System is a composite soil and geosynthetic reinforcement structure that distributes loads over a wider area to create a stable embankment foundation.

    Consider the Prism System when your project involves:

    • A need to construct in or adjacent to wetlands
    • Overexcavation and replacement of soft soils, especially if they’re contaminated
    • The potential to destabilize embankments when excavating adjacent areas
    • Extensive surcharge loading to address long-term settlement
    • The possibility of environmentally problematic soil treatment techniques
    • A design calling for intermediate or deep foundations 

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