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Solution Overview

Marine construction and protection projects along eroding coastal areas and waterways are among the most challenging to undertake. Irregular land contours, variable subgrades, continuous scour, and a variety of harsh conditions can make any project increasingly difficult to stage and execute. Conventional erosion solutions can be less adaptable to these dynamic environments.

Tensar's geosynthetic coastal and waterway erosion solutions adapt to the most difficult conditions to provide durable marine solutions that reduce costs. A family of innovative composite marine structures, Triton® systems are made of geogrid and geotextile materials designed to be integrated with available fill and/or native vegetation.

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Tensar's Triton marine products are proven, high-performance coastal and waterway erosion solutions that offer significant benefits over alternative solutions.

Where We Help

Altogether, Tensar marine solutions are used for a wide variety of applications, including living shorelines structures; erosion control and scour protection on causeway, levee, dike, and bridge approach projects; foundations or cores for breakwaters, groins, underwater utility/pipeline installations, etc.; channel linings; bridge scour protection; underlayers for riprap in submerged and soft soils; in situ capping of contaminated sediments; and shore protection and sediment dewatering.

The Natural Choice

As climate change and subsidence begin to endanger America's coastal communities, city and state governments are struggling to stand their ground as it literally sinks below them. Attempts to tame our shorelines often have unexpected or unintended results, sometimes doing more harm than good. A family of innovative composite marine structures, Tensar's erosion solutions are made of geogrid and geotextile materials designed to be integrated with available fill and/or native vegetation.

A Resilient Erosion Solution

Tensar geogrids are 100% UV resistant and will not rust, leach, or degrade in direct sunlight. When you build with geogrids, you can count on a higher-performing and longer-lasting solution for future generations to enjoy.

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