Triton® Grid Composite System

100% UV Resistant
8+ Primary Applications
  • Designed for marine applications
  • Ideal combination of geogrid and geotextile - all in a single composite product
  • Improved foundation and filtration layer for a broad range of applications
  • Resistant to installation damage and chemical or biological long-term degradation

The Triton® grid composite system is specially developed for use beneath riprap and armor stone. By combining Tensar geogrids with geotextiles, grid composites provide an improved foundation and filtration layer for a broad range of riprap, rubble-mound structures, and similar installations.

The primary purpose of Triton grid composite is to improve service life and performance, thereby reducing long-term costs for maintenance, repair, and replacement. However, it can also facilitate initial cost savings by eliminating more expensive alternatives, such as graded aggregate filters, excessively thick sections, over-excavation of soft subgrades, or re-grading of steep slopes.


The nominal roll size for Triton grid composite is 12ft wide by 164ft long.

Why Choose Triton Composite Geogrid & Geotextile System?

The use of geotextile as riprap underlayer is well established. Geotextiles provide separation and filtration at the subgrade interface. Adding Tensar geogrid further enhances performance. It reduces settlement by distributing loads over a wider area (similar to the way a snowshoe works), and it holds the geotextile firmly against the subgrade to guard against scour. It also provides a protective "cushion" for the geotextile during and after construction.

High Performance, Multiple Applications

The enhanced performance makes Triton grid composite perfect for a wide range of applications, including revetments, channel linings, spillways, streambanks, scour protection, groins, jetties, and breakwaters. Grid composite can be particularly effective for improving performance and constructability in difficult conditions, including submerged construction, soft subgrade soils, steep slopes, and jetty sand tightening.

A Resilient Solution

Tensar geogrids are 100% UV resistant and will not rust, leach, or degrade in direct sunlight. When you build with geogrids, you can count on a higher-performing and longer-lasting solution for future generations to enjoy.

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