Gator Lake at St. Andrews State Park

Panama City Beach, Florida


Sensitive wetlands area and freshwater lake protected by Triton Marine Mattresses

  • Engineer: MRD Associates, Inc.
  • Contractor: Shoreline Foundation
  • Owner: Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Client's Challenge

Gator Lake is a freshwater lake created by the USACE when it dredged the St. Andrews Channel in the 1930s. Home to many species of wildlife, Gator Lake faced a serious threat from erosion.

Tensar Solution

In 2015, MRD Associates recommended Triton Marine Mattresses to create the foundation for four armorstone breakwaters and dissipate wave energy causing scour. The project site was re-visited and inspected in late 2019 after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in this area. The mattresses were still providing scour protection, bearing capacity improvement and separation for the armorstone breakwaters. The Triton Marine Mattresses have proven to be an integral part in naturally rebuilding the shoreline.

Products Used


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