Tensar FilterGrid™ Solutions

2 High-Performing Materials Combined
3 Functions in One Product
9 Product Variants
  • Multi-functional: provides aggregate stabilization, filtration, and separation
  • Efficient installation: deploys as a single layer - saving time and labor costs
  • Economical: optimizes the structural thickness to save time and money
  • Eco-friendly: permanent, safe alternative to the use of chemical stabilization agents 
  • FilterGrid InterAx combines Tensar's most advanced geogrid with the added assurance of a non-woven geotextile 
  • FilterGrid TriAx leverages triangular geometry to improve performance and provide separation at a more economical cost



When stabilizing paved or unpaved structures, engineers and contractors must not only consider the appropriate geogrid product and thickness of granular fill, but also whether adequate filtration and separation of dissimilar materials will be maintained throughout the life of the structure. While Tensar geogrids frequently provide adequate confinement of the fill to achieve both filtration and separation, specifiers may sometimes recommend a geotextile in conjunction with the geogrid, particularly when low plasticity silts and clays present additional challenges. Tensar's FilterGrid solutions combine the superior performance of Tensar's InterAx® and TriAx® technology with the added assurance of a non-woven geotextile - all in a single composite product.


FilterGrid solutions are available in four SKUs: FG90, NX650FG, NX750FG, and NX850FG.

One Product, Three Functions

Tensar FilterGrid solutions stabilize working surfaces, such as paved and unpaved roadways, airfields, crane pads, and other working surfaces by providing confinement, separation, and filtration. FilterGrid products combine the stabilization benefits of Tensar geogrids with the separation and filtration benefits of a non-woven fabric.