Tensar H-Series™ Geogrids

10,000+ Hours of R&D
12 Product Teams
  • Ideal for stabilizing soft subgrades, constructing access roads and improving pavement performance at a more economical cost than our advanced InterAx® geogrid
  • Provides a resilient solution for building higher performing trafficked surfaces that can withstand the impact of severe weather and challenging environmental conditions
  • Optimized geometry that enhances the interlock of fill materials, creating an efficient stabilized layer
  • Proven to reduce initial and lifecycle costs, reduce construction time, and gain sustainability benefits on projects



With Tensar H-series™ geogrids, engineers and contractors can reap the benefit of the optimized geometry of our advanced InterAx® geogrid at a more economical cost.

The broader range of aperture shapes and sizes of Tensar H-series geogrids allows for better compatibility between the geogrid and multiple fill materials, improving particle confinement under compaction and repetitive loading.

Better geogrid-fill compatibility provides an effective stabilized layer with less fill material, reducing project costs and construction time.

Product Details

H-series geogrid is currently available in two SKUs: HX5.5 and HX165.

Standard-Width Product Dimensions
SKUWidth (Meters)Length (Meters)Width (Feet)Length (Feet)Product Area (SY/Roll)Roll Weight (lbs.)


Wide-Width Product Dimensions
SKUWidth (Meters)Length (Meters)Width (Feet)Length (Feet)Product Area (SY/Roll)Roll Weight (lbs.)

We have a variety of patents associated with H-series geogrid, which can be viewed here.

Comparing Geogrids

 There are dozens of geogrids and other geosynthetic products on the market. How do you know which is right for your project's needs? When it comes to roadway construction, the keys are proper design and testing to validate performance.

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Proven Success

Successful clients and construction excellence have been Tensar's mission for over 50 years. Tensar's geogrid has been installed on countless projects across the globe, proving its value to many satisfied customers.

Proven Savings

We help you deliver projects more efficiently, no matter what challenges you're facing, just as we have for thousands of loyal customers. Tensar's H-Series geogrid was specifically designed to provide more economical designs than our advanced InterAx geogrid, but offer higher performance than our TriAx geogrid. As a result of its greater range and distribution of aperture shapes and sizes, Tensar H-Series geogrid is designed to work well with a broad range of aggregates and granular materials that can offer additional savings through lower cost aggregate options.

Compatible with Tensar+ 

Tensar's H-Series geogrid is fully compatible with our easy-to-use, award-winning design software, Tensar+. Tensar+ saves you time and effort, while ensuring your designs are reliable and deliver the expected results.

Trenching with Geogrid

Tensar geogrids are routinely excavated through and punched through in order to place guardrail posts, bridge piers, and underground utilities. The geogrid locks the aggregate and pavement in place, and it isn't disturbed by the adjacent trench.

A Resilient Solution

Tensar geogrids are 100% UV resistant and will not rust, leach, or degrade in direct sunlight. When you build with geogrids, you can count on a higher-performing and longer-lasting solution for future generations to enjoy. Tensar's H-series geogrid is also a proven component of protecting our infrastructure by planning for and mitigating the effects of unforeseen events, accelerating recovery.