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Marine & Waterways 

Better protection for lakes, rivers, coasts, and more

Construction and protection projects along coastal areas and waterways are among the most challenging projects to undertake. Irregular land contours, variable subgrades, continuous scour, and other harsh conditions can make these projects difficult to stage and execute. In addition, threats from climate change bring even greater risk of natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes. Conventional solutions often don’t adapt well to these dynamic environments. Local and national authorities need a resilient solution that protects the environment for decades to come.

That’s where Tensar comes in. Our marine products can help with everything from erosion control and scour protection to innovative living shorelines and underwater foundations. They conform easily to land contours and site formations, and they resist naturally occurring forms of degradation, such as saltwater or industrial run-off. For a flexible, reliable marine solution, turn to Tensar.

Environmental Construction

Attempts to tame our shorelines and waterways often have unexpected or unintended results, sometimes doing more harm than good. A variety of environmental construction projects can mitigate damage to the environment and ensure strong construction for the future.

Contaminated sediment? Use geosynthetic layers for sediment capping and protect the waterway from exposure to harmful particles. Seeking to repair unanticipated damage from a hardened shoreline, like a bulkhead? Turn to the living shoreline technique, which uses natural materials combined with engineered materials to slow down erosion. Rebuilding a damaged marine habitat? You can even use marine mattresses to encourage wildlife growth and ecosystem restoration.

Solutions that support the environment

Image of Marine Foundation Improvement

Marine Foundation Improvement

When you’re building a project that requires going through a waterway, such as a bridge or even a pipeline, you need to ensure that your project rests on a stable and reliable foundation that can withstand demanding conditions. Geosynthetic mattresses can be used to stabilize the underlying subgrade of a marine construction project, improving the bearing capacity of the ground and allowing heavier loads to be safely supported. The same products can also be utilized to protect and create the right buoyancy for underwater pipelines, ensuring that pipelines remain undamaged and stable in the correct position.

Improve underwater foundations

Image of Scour Control

Scour Control

The continuous flow of water is one of the most powerful erosive agents in the world. It’s no surprise, then, that lakes, rivers, channels, and coasts are all highly susceptible to erosion caused by the water that laps at their banks and shores. And as climate change begins to endanger our coastal communities, city and state governments are struggling to stand their ground as it sinks beneath them – in some cases, quite literally.

Scour protection and erosion control are thus vital to the long life and efficacy of marine and waterway projects. Whether you’re working on a coastal project or building a new bridge, you can protect your project’s soils from scour using Tensar products.

Protect against scour

Image of Shoreline Protection

Shoreline Protection

As average water levels rise, people are scrambling to find efficient methods to save our eroding shores. Attempts to tame our shorelines and waterways often have unexpected or unintended results, sometimes doing more harm than good. Creating structures that absorb wave energy, like armored stone revetments, have shown to be the better approach. Triton® marine mattresses serve as the foundation for these armored stone revetments. When placed out into the waterway, they work by dissipating the wave energy before it reaches the shore. Additional erosion solutions include living shorelines that combines natural elements like oysters with engineered materials to slow erosion. Triton marine mattresses are commonly used to encourage wildlife growth and ecosystem restoration.

Protect your shoreline

 Living Shoreline

Shoreline Protection

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