Marine Foundation Improvement

Marine Foundation Support

Marine Foundation Improvement

Reliable solutions for harsh marine environments

Marine environments are extremely demanding, so it’s no surprise that weak, soft soils also come with the territory. Designing and building a reliable foundation for submerged structures presents its own set of challenges since these projects are usually expensive, labor intensive, and difficult to stage, and verification is nearly impossible.

Fortunately, our Triton® marine products offer a proven solution to construct underwater foundations for revetments, breakwaters, groins, and jetties, among other applications. Installation-friendly and extremely adaptable, they simplify construction and support soils prone to settlement.

Bearing Capacity

Tensar’s Triton marine mattresses are used to strengthen weak foundation soils in adverse conditions. As an easily deployable foundation mat, Triton marine mattresses can improve not only constructability but also stability and bearing capacity, as well as reduce the damaging effects of differential settlement. Since the mattresses are pre-filled at a central filling location, contractors spend less time on the water installing the mattresses when compared to typical geotextile and aggregate foundations.

Settlement Mitigation

Our Triton marine mattress and grid composite systems are specially developed for use beneath riprap and armor stone. By combining Tensar geogrids with geotextiles, these rugged systems provide an improved foundation and filtration layer for a broad range of riprap, rubble-mound structures and similar installation. Geotextiles provide separation and filtration at the subgrade interface. Adding Tensar geogrid further enhances performance by reducing differential settlement with its efficient distribution of loads over a wider area.

Cost Efficiency

The primary purpose of using mattresses or grid composite is to improve service life and performance, thereby reducing long-term costs for maintenance, repair and replacement. However, they can also deliver initial cost savings by eliminating more expensive alternatives such as graded aggregate filters, excessively thick sections, over-excavation of soft subgrades, or re-grading of steep slopes.

Resilient Performance

Tensar’s marine mattresses are comprised of Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrids manufactured from select grades of co-polymer resins. This creates high resistance to installation and UV damage, long-term abrasion effects and long-term chemical or biological degradation. In fact, Tensar UX geogrids have shown no degradation after long-term exposure to pH levels as high as 12 and can be used in both dry- and wet-cast environments.

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