Proven solutions for structure essential to energy operations

As the global demand for energy continues to increase, developers of renewable and non-renewable energy are pushing the boundaries of exploration. That has taken the industry to remote areas, creating new challenges to site access, development, operations, and productivity. Poor soils, weak subgrades, and harsh weather or environmental conditions make the construction and maintenance of these sites more difficult, dangerous, and costly.

Tensar offers proven, cost-effective solutions for haul/access roads, working platforms, drilling pads, and other structures essential to energy operations.

Subgrade Stabilization

Soft soils and poor site conditions are common scenarios when constructing energy facilities. When weak subgrades remain unstabilized, repeated traffic loading will cause deformation (or rutting) to occur quickly, which will result in serious maintenance issues and a shorter design life of site structures. Fortunately, Tensar geogrid is a proven soil stabilization solution that is more cost-effective to construct with than other methods. It also improves site performance, which reduces future maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Fix Soft Soils

Haul / Access Roads

Weak subgrades pose the greatest challenge to the performance of an unpaved access or haul road. Diminishing and costly aggregate supplies, tightening construction budgets, and heavier wheel loads have forced engineers, contractors, and owners to seek lower cost construction options. One cost-effective, proven alternative has successfully stabilized thousands of miles of haul roads across the world: Tensar geogrid.

Build Roads

Working Platforms & Foundations

Exposed to the continual heavy loads of trucks, cranes, drilling rigs, and other equipment, weak soils on these sites are subject to rapid deterioration beyond effective use. Innovative Tensar geogrids are designed to provide effective confinement of the granular fill, resulting in a stiff, mechanically stabilized layer capable of controlling differential settlement and increasing bearing capacity.

Build Working Surfaces

Better Foundation Support


Retaining walls are vital to the operational efficiency of energy sites worldwide. They must be durable with the ability to carry heavy loads and repeated traffic for many years. Tensar’s full line of grade separation solutions featuring Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrid addresses grade separation and earth retention needs to keep operations running safely.

Construct Walls & Slopes


Poor track geometry and a loss of vertical and horizontal alignment of the rails are two major reasons for line speed restrictions and track maintenance work. These can significantly affect schedules as well as be expensive and disruptive to operations. Tensar geogrid reduces costly construction and maintenance of trackbeds. Typically, a construction savings of up to $30,000 per linear track mile can be achieved and extend the period between maintenance operations three to five times.

Build Rail Track

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