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Geogrid Structural Support Products

Enhanced structural integrity

Developers, engineers, and contractors know: building reliable foundations over weak soils can be expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive, difficult to stage, and environmentally challenging. Tensar geogrid creates stiffened platforms that distribute loads more efficiently over underlying soils, increasing their effective bearing capacity and decreasing differential settlement. The result: foundations where structural integrity is enhanced, construction schedules are reduced, and project costs are lowered.

Over the long term, a resilient foundation means more than reduced maintenance and an extended lifecycle. It provides greater stabilization, physical robustness, more reliable structural support, and increased agility to rebound from major disruptions.

Reliable, Lower-Cost Foundations

The potential for differential settlement can threaten a project’s success. Encountering poor and compressible soil conditions can substantially increase project costs and construction time. The Dimension® system combines Tensar geogrid and granular fill to create a composite mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structure. This structure increases bearing capacity of soils beneath shallow spread footings and reduces total and differential settlement among many other benefits.

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Load Transfer Platform (LTPs)

The Dimension® LTP system is a stiff, geogrid-reinforced mat foundation that is used to transfer loads to rigid columns in deep foundation systems. Successfully utilized with auger-cast piles, jet-grout columns and vibro-concrete columns, it provides an economical stabilization solution to design problems associated with placing non-settlement-sensitive structures that impose heavy loads over weak soils.

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Crane Platforms

The static loads applied to the subsoil where cranes operate can be extremely high. Similarly, the consequences of subgrade failure or excessive settlement can be catastrophic in terms of the cost of equipment damage, lost time, and injury to site staff. Tensar geogrid stabilization enhances the performance of crane platform structures. In most cases, it is possible to achieve cost savings of up to 40% and reduce construction time by as much as 50%.

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Liquefaction Mitigation

Deep foundations and ground improvement techniques are well-suited to support tall and heavy structures where severe liquefaction events and lateral spreading are expected. However, these solutions are too costly for structures typically founded on shallow foundations. A Tensar geogrid-stabilized gravel raft offers a more economical solution by creating a non-liquefiable crust that helps prevent surface manifestations and bearing capacity loss. Project savings of up to 50% have been achieved compared to deep foundations and other ground improvement techniques.

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