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Economical and reliable embankments for sites with weak soils

Whether permanent or temporary, embankments are a common occurrence on all sorts of construction projects, from rail to roadways and beyond. The construction of stable embankments, bridge approach fills, causeways, levees and dikes over weak ground soils is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming when built by conventional means. Tensar’s embankment foundation system is a reliable composite structure solution capable of achieving significant cost savings. These benefits are realized through reductions in construction footprint, differential settlement potential, and fill requirements.

Reinforced Foundation and Core

The embankment foundation solution provides an internally-reinforced composite foundation and core. The structure distributes loads over a wider area to create a stable embankment foundation. This reduces the need for surcharge loading, lowering overall fill requirements, and may reduce differential settlement and its impact on the structure.

Rapid Construction

The rapid establishment of a firm construction platform speeds project completion, so construction is less likely to be disrupted by inclement weather.


Tensar’s embankment foundation system reduces the importing of expensive select fills and minimizes the disposal of excavated materials, which may be contaminated and require special handling. It also decreases the need for excavations adjacent to existing embankments which can often destabilize them.


Tensar’s embankment foundation system reduces the overall footprint disturbed, thus mitigating environmental impact on sensitive ecosystems like wetlands and reducing restoration costs and time. This system also decreases, or even eliminates, the need for additional right-of-way purchases or the creation of wetlands.

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