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Economical solutions for grade changes

Solution Overview

Tensar specializes in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) and reinforced soil slope (RSS) solutions that combine uniaxial (UX) geogrid with connectors and wall blocks or wire baskets to create proven, engineered structures. As complete integrated systems, Tensar retaining walls and slopes are easier to stage and install, and they provide long-term durability, performance, and structural integrity. These systems can also reduce construction costs by allowing the use of varied backfill materials. Additionally, these systems can meet your project’s aesthetic or environmental needs with a wide variety of sizes, colors, and facing options, including stone, vegetated, and architectural veneers.

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When your reputation is on the line, you need to minimize risk with predictable and proven designs. Let us help you find the right design for your project. TensarSoil is the tool successful engineers use to stay in control. Compatible with several major design methodologies and fully interactive, TensarSoil makes designing segmental retaining walls simple, fast, and cost-efficient. And TensarSoil can now be easily downloaded from within Tensar+, our award-winning design software

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How does Tensar compare to the competition?

Tensar's wall and slope systems offer flexibility, resilience, and cost savings that alternative mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) systems and reinforced concrete retaining walls can't provide.

The Backbone of Tensar MSE Systems: Uniaxial Geogrid

Our grade separation solutions owe their long-term performance and durability to high-strength Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrids which provide the function of reinforcement. Tensar UX geogrids are manufactured from select grades of HDPE resins that are highly oriented and resist deformation when subjected to high tensile loads for long periods of time.

No Metal, No Corrosion

With soil reinforcement that is 100% polymeric, our solutions eliminate corrosion concerns. Tensar UX geogrids are manufactured from polymers resistant to physical deterioration and loss of strength caused by aggressive chemical environments. UX geogrids are also ideal for aggressive "hot soil" applications and can be used with a variety of backfill materials, including on-site soils and recycled concrete.

The Engineered Advantage™

Tensar is the industry leader in soil reinforcement solutions. We've developed products and technologies at the forefront of the geotechnical industry for more than three decades. Our products are backed by the most thorough quality assurance practices in the industry. And we can provide full engineering and construction support, including detailing, design, site assistance, and review of stamped drawings for each of our grade separation solutions.