SierraScape® Retaining Wall System

3 Facing Options
1st Welded Wire Face System with a Mechanical Connection
20M+ Sq Ft of Wall Face Worldwide
  • Wire basket retaining wall adapts to a variety of project conditions, design requirements, and aesthetic requirements
  • Multiple facing options
  • Better withstands differential settlement, seismic activity, and heavy external loads

Tensar SierraScape® retaining wall system is the ideal solution for appearance, performance, and overall value. Backed by decades of engineering experience and with millions of square feet installed worldwide, SierraScape is a complete green retaining wall system featuring materials, design, specifications, and technical assistance as needed. Galvanized proprietary wire-formed baskets combine with Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrid for a dependable, high-strength connection that better withstands differential settlement, seismic events, and heavy external loads.

System Components

The SierraScape green retaining wall system is comprised of:

  • Tensar UX geogrid
  • SierraScape wire-forms
  • Locking tail strut
  • Geotextiles
  • Turf reinforcement mats (TRMs)
  • Engineering and site assistance

Ease of Installation Keeps Costs Down

Integrating SierraScape system components creates durable, yet simple-to-build structures. With a small number of components, installation moves quickly, without the need for specialized equipment or labor. Welded wire-forms stack easily to create a uniform wall face, and unlike geotextile wrapped walls, Tensar geogrids and the unique SierraScape locking tail strut help maintain facing alignment. Since the system can be backfilled with general embankment fills or on-site soils, both fill material and disposal costs can be reduced as well.

Pressure Relief Applications

The SierraScape system can also be used for pressure relief applications to support soil and building loads below grade, providing a faster and more affordable solution. Because it effectively supports surrounding fill, lateral soil loads against the below-grade structure are eliminated. Low-cost materials and speedy installation make SierraScape the system of choice to replace counterfort walls and reduce concrete reinforcement in structural foundation walls. It's also an ideal solution to demolition/replacement of existing structures and can accommodate increased loads at facility expansions.

Single-Source Solution

Unlike other retaining walls, the components of the SierraScape system have been specifically designed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance. Their wide range of designs and facings, combined with their simplicity and speed of construction, make them more appealing when compared to other types of wall systems.

The Backbone of the SierraScape System: Tensar UX Geogrid

Tensar UX geogrids are manufactured from select grades of HDPE resins that are highly oriented and resist deformation when subjected to high tensile loads for long periods of time. These geogrids carry large tensile loads applied in one direction. Their open aperture structure interlocks with natural fill materials, making them ideal for MSE applications.

The Engineered Advantage™

Tensar is the industry leader in soil reinforcement solutions. We've developed products and technologies at the forefront of the geotechnical industry for more than three decades. Our products are backed by the most thorough quality assurance practices in the industry. And we can provide full engineering and construction support, including detailing, design, site assistance, and review of stamped drawings for each of our grade separation solutions.