Mesa® Retaining Wall Systems

29 State DOT Approvals
2 Facing Batter Options
0 Corrosion Concerns
  • Single-source segmental retaining wall (SRW) system with all components designed to work together
  • Rigorously tested for exceptional performance and integrity
  • Proven solution for industrial, transportation, commercial, and residential markets
  • Multiple facing options

Mesa® retaining wall systems provide the dependability engineers require, the efficient installation contractors expect, and the aesthetics owners and architects demand. Mesa® segmental block retaining walls offer both aesthetic appeal and structural stability, providing the ideal solution for almost any transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential application. For long-term durability, increased structural integrity, and simplified construction, all at costs lower than most conventional alternatives, specify the Mesa® walls for your next project.

System Components

The Mesa® retaining wall system is composed of:

  • Tensar uniaxial (UX) geogrid
  • Mesa segmental units
  • Mesa connectors
  • Engineering and site assistance

Single-Source Solution

Unlike other segmental retaining walls (SRWs), the components of the Mesa system have been specifically designed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance. High-strength, low-absorption concrete units, high-shear strength connectors, and Tensar geogrids work together to form a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system that meets or exceeds the industry standard.

Tested Transportation Solution

The long-term performance of any retaining wall system is challenged most rigorously in the public transportation market. Mesa connectors were specifically designed to meet long-term performance demands, providing a mechanical connection where it's needed most - at the wall face. With its aesthetic appeal and structural stability, this segmental block system has been used by nearly all 50 state DOTs and provides for an alternate to traditional precast panel MSE wall systems.

Structural and Landscape Options

Whether you're increasing usable land or improving property value, the Mesa system can solve your most challenging grade change requirements with a full line of products. From building large structural walls to small, tiered garden installations, Mesa retaining wall blocks blend effortlessly with the natural surroundings of any landscape site.

Aesthetically Versatile

Whether you're creating stairs, 90° corners, or convex or concave curves, Mesa walls can easily accommodate a variety of landscape design considerations. Based on your aesthetic requirements, Mesa units can be varied by color and textures, and walls can even be built mixing different facing options. Designs are nearly limitless - architects and designers are bound only by their imaginations.

The Backbone of the Mesa System: Tensar UX Geogrid

Tensar UX geogrids are manufactured from select grades of HDPE resins that are highly oriented and resist deformation when subjected to high tensile loads for long periods of time. These geogrids carry large tensile loads applied in one direction. Their open aperture structure interlocks with natural fill materials, making them ideal for MSE applications.

The Engineered Advantage™

Tensar is the industry leader in soil reinforcement solutions. We've developed products and technologies at the forefront of the geotechnical industry for more than three decades. Our products are backed by the most thorough quality assurance practices in the industry. And we can provide full engineering and construction support, including detailing, design, site assistance, and review of stamped drawings for each of our grade separation solutions.