ADD³® Capacity Improvement Systems

1 Single-Source Supplier
75 Years Minimum Design Life
100+ ADD3 Structures Worldwide
  • Increase the capacity of existing waste containment facilities through safer and steeper slopes
  • Structurally support new landfills on top of existing landfills
  • Extend facility lifespans with greater profitability
  • Comply with regulations and reduce environmental risk

ADD3® capacity improvement systems are performance-based designs that reconfigure waste containment facilities based on site-specific conditions. Even within tight boundary constraints, ADD3 systems allow efficient expansion of waste containment facilities, increasing capacity and extending service life. The system's integrated approach to waste containment structure construction maximizes the economy, lifespan, and security of both municipal and industrial facilities by reducing unit airspace costs and providing a higher level of environmental security.

ADD3 systems can be used to:

  • Build safer, structurally-stable, steeper slopes that reduce land requirements and increase capacity
  • Construct landfills over marginal foundations
  • Structurally support new landfills built on top of existing landfill cells
  • Reinforce the lining system to create new, usable airspace via vertical or horizontal expansion of an existing cell

Not Just for Landfills

ADD3 systems have been used to increase capacity and service life of more than just landfills. ADD3 systems are also perfect for use on other waste disposal sites, such as building or expanding containment facilities for ash and tailing ponds or reinforcing foundations for heap leaching projects. ADD3 systems can also be used in the construction of perimeter berms and berm expansions, as well as for simplifying the closure of waste impoundments. Even when all other conventional technologies have failed, ADD3 capacity improvement systems have been able to successfully and securely close sites while reducing costs.