Retaining Walls

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Retaining Walls

Cost-effective alternatives to conventional retaining walls

Whether you’re building a retaining wall for a new shopping center with difficult sloping terrain, maximizing developable area of an industrial site, or need a temporary wall during traffic maintenance, Tensar is here to help. Used in nearly every sector, our retaining walls adapt to challenging site conditions of every kind and bring added value every step of the way.

As integrated systems, Tensar’s retaining wall solutions are easier to stage and install, and they provide long-term durability, performance and structural integrity. These systems can also reduce construction costs by allowing the use of varied backfill materials. Additionally, these geogrid wall systems can meet your project’s aesthetic or environmental needs with a wide variety of sizes, colors, and facing options, including stone, vegetated, and architectural veneers.

Two-Staged MSE Walls

Retaining walls built on soft soils risk post-construction settlement issues, including deformation at the wall face. Conventional solutions for constructing over areas of excessive total or differential settlement may first require excavation and replacement of settlement-prone soils, deep pile foundations or temporary surcharge embankments. However, each of these methods is time-consuming and can be extremely expensive.

By contrast, two-stage wall construction saves time and expense to meet both structural and aesthetic objectives. In the first stage, the retention structure is built, allowing foundation settlement to occur. The second stage adds a permanent aesthetic wall facing.

Tensar’s ARES® two-stage construction wall system combines a flexible, settlement-tolerant, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall structure with a permanent facing element. Following installation of the MSE structure, facing options include precast ARES modular or full height panels, Mesa® segmental retaining wall (SRW) units or cast-in-place concrete.

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Bridge Abutments

Bridge abutments are among the most demanding grade separation applications. Differential settlement, traffic loads and seismic events continually test their structural integrity and long-term performance. Furthermore, construction components are subjected to chemical corrosion, hydrolysis, and more.

Tensar’s MSE retaining wall systems have proven to be effective solutions for the construction and design of bridge abutments – so effective that the need for pilings is routinely eliminated. ARES retaining wall system, Mesa retaining wall system, and SierraScape® wire-formed retaining wall system are all well-suited for bridge abutments.

Pressure Relief Walls

Traditional pressure relief walls, including cast-in-place concrete and counterfort walls, are costly and can be difficult to stage and install. Structurally equivalent to conventional solutions, Tensar’s SierraScape retaining wall system offers an effective yet lower cost alternative. The SierraScape system is also an ideal alternative to the demolition and replacement of existing structures and can accommodate increased loads at expansion facilities.

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Detention Ponds & Stormwater Retention

Stormwater issues present ongoing challenges to engineers, owner/developers, contractors and governing authorities. While meeting stormwater quality standards is a mandate, maximizing land use remains a top priority. Detention ponds and extended storage ponds provide effective solutions to national, state and local requirements for stormwater runoff control and management.

While conventional approaches can be used, three of Tensar’s MSE systems offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to increase storage volume while minimizing the impact on usable land: Mesa retaining wall system, SierraScape retaining wall system, and Sierra® Slope retention system. Each can be specified to steepen the interior sides of a pond or the external sides of a berm. More economical and attractive than conventional concrete structures, our solutions add aesthetic and environmental value.

Temporary Retaining Walls

Temporary walls are required for many types of staged construction, and pile systems have been the preferred choice for many years. But these systems are expensive, requiring heavy lifting and pile-driving equipment as well as skilled labor for installation.

Tensar’s temporary retaining wall system is a proven technology that allows you to build temporary walls without the challenges and expense of conventional techniques. With an economical wire-form facing system, lightweight installation equipment and use of unskilled labor, Tensar temporary walls provide a durable, low-cost alternative to sheet pile walls. These retaining walls are ideal for traffic maintenance, staged construction, and similar projects.

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