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SierraScape® Retaining Wall System

A lower cost alternative to cast-in-place and other concrete retaining walls, the SierraScape® Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System is the superior choice for appearance, performance and value. Welded wire forms, Tensar® Geogrids and a locking tail strut connecting the two work together to resist differential settlement, seismic activity and heavy external loads. Inert to chemical degradation, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geogrids enable a wider variety of fill materials to be used, including on-site soils and recycled concrete. And like all Tensar systems, a full range of services, including engineered drawings and site assistance, is available for SierraScape System installations.

With its limited number of components, the SierraScape Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System is quick and easy to install and maintain, requiring no specialized equipment or labor. Wire forms stack easily to create a uniform wall face that maintains alignment, even with varying setbacks. And since the SierraScape System can be backfilled with general embankment fills or on-site soils, materials and disposal costs are reduced as well.

The SierraScape System can be specified for both grade separation and pressure relief applications. For structures with face angles greater than 70°, the system can save 30% to 60% over the cost of comparable concrete wall installations. And it features three facing options for complete design versatility.

The SierraScape System can also be used for pressure relief applications to support soil and building loads below grade, providing a faster and more affordable solution. Because it effectively supports surrounding fill, lateral soil loads against the below-grade structure are eliminated. The result: lower cost foundation walls that are structurally equivalent to conventional installations, including cast-in-place.

SierraScape pressure relief walls can be specified for building foundations and existing bridges, flood walls and other new construction or rehabilitation projects. Low cost materials and speedy installation make them the system of choice to replace counterfort walls and reduce concrete reinforcement in structural foundation walls. They’re also an ideal solution to demolition/replacement of existing structures and can accommodate increased loads at facility expansions 


One System, Two Applications

  • Stone-faced – filled with native or imported stone; stone color and size can be specified to meet aesthetic requirements
  • Vegetated – typically incorporating local plant species to complement the surrounding environment. Erosion control products promote vegetation, eliminate erosion and provide long-term reinforcement of the root system.
  • Architectural – veneer treated with a stacked stone or a shotcrete-sculpted face

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