Hutchinson County Airport

Borger, Texas


The Hutchinson County Airport uses Tensar's GlasGrid and GlasPave to rehabilitate their large reflective cracks on its main runway and taxiway.

  • General Contractor: Dunnick Bros. Construction 
  • Engineer: Garver
  • Installer: Industrial Fabrics, Inc. 
  • Owner: TXDOT Aviation/Hutchinson County 
Client's Challenge

The Hutchinson County Airport was experiencing severe, large reflective cracks on its main runway and taxiway. Since the runway would need to shut down for the pavement rehabilitation, timing was a factor.

Tensar Solution

The GlasGrid System and GlasPave pavement interlayers were chosen because they could be rapidly installed and for their proven ability to extend maintenance cycles. GlasPave50 mats were installed on the taxiways while GlasGrid 8511 was installed on the main runway taking on the heavier duty loads Trackless tack was applied to the grid prior to paving. The airport was pleased with the results and plans to install GlasGrid on its other runway during the summer of 2022.