Biaxial BX Geogrids

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Biaxial (BX) geogrid is Tensar's original geogrid invention. This biaxial geogrid changed the game when it was first introduced for soil stabilization back in the 1980s. Since then, Tensar BX geogrids have been used for mechanical ground stabilization in over half a million projects worldwide.

Although BX geogrid is the lowest initial cost geogrid, it's not considered the highest performer, and other geogrids can better decrease the overall cost of a project. With decades of research, we have evolved our biaxial geogrid technology to create more advanced geogrids, like InterAx® geogrid. InterAx geogrid offers exponentially improved performance, further reduces required aggregate, and delivers longer service life and greater cost savings. Visit the InterAx geogrid page to find out more.


Tensar BX geogrids come in 10 SKUs: BX1100, BX1120, BX1200, BX1300, BX1500, BXSQ100, BXSQ1515, BXSQ2020, BXSQ2525, and BXSQ3030.

Comparing Geogrids

 There are dozens of geogrids and other geosynthetic products on the market. How do you know which is right for your project's needs? When it comes to roadway construction, the keys are proper design and testing to validate performance.

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A Tradition of Geogrid Evolution

Successful clients and construction excellence have been Tensar's mission for over 50 years. We invented biaxial geogrid decades ago, and we haven't stopped there, constantly working to deliver better savings and improved performance for your projects. Twelve global teams and over 10,000 hours of research and development have led to the development of Tensar InterAx geogrid, our highest-performing geogrid to date.