How Faster Installation Reduces Pavement Maintenance Costs

by Jeff Rasche, on February 27, 2023

When it comes to choosing an HMA reinforcement interlayer, it’s important to consider all expenses involved, including the installation process. A faster installation not only lowers labor costs but also avoids costs associated with schedule delays and inconvenience to the passengers using these pavements during construction.

Unlike many conventional paving fabrics and mats, the GlasPave Paving Mat has several features that ease the installation process:

  • Optimized Size: With roll lengths ranging from 75 yds to 120 yds, GlasPave Paving Mats are sized right for fewer roll changes. It’s also available in two roll widths (6.25 and 12.50 ft), which make for easier placement around corners and curves while maximizing layout efficiency.
  • Avoids a leveling course: GlasPave can be installed directly on a milled surface which eliminates the need for a leveling course. Watch as IFI, our preferred installer in Texas, demonstrates another smooth installation directly on the milled surface.



  • Thermal Stability: Due to its high-temperature fiberglass matrix, GlasPave Paving Mats will not shrink or change dimensions when it encounters hot mix asphalt. This feature eliminates the risk of premature slippage or loss of bond, a concern that’s common with polypropylene fabrics.
  • More Robust than Conventional Paving Fabrics: The additional stiffness of GlasPave Paving Mats, compared to paving fabrics and other paving mats, makes them more durable and less prone to on-site installation damage.
  • Trouble-Free Recycling: The stiff fiberglass allows for easy, trouble-free milling for future rehabilitation projects. Milled fibers are easily disbursed in asphalt millings and will therefore not negatively impact the recycling of asphalt for future projects.

By partnering with Tensar, you benefit from an experienced team of distributors and installers along with a technical team that can help you build the highest-performing pavement for your budget. For more information on GlasPave Paving Mats, click here.