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Tensar® Mining Systems include a family of geosynthetic reinforcement products designed to enhance value, maximize return and reduce overall project costs. Made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant polymers, our mining products are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for safe, quick and easy installation.

Developed for underground applications, these durable products include Tensar® Mining Grids, Tensar® Roof Mats and Minex™ Rock Mesh. Strong yet lightweight, Tensar Mining Grids are ideal for pillar wrapping, rib control and highwall screen installations. Tensar Roof Mats help secure mine and tunnel roofs and ribs for safer and more efficient mining operations. And Minex Rock Mesh is equally versatile for faster, safer longwall screen moves as well as hard rock roof and rib applications.

Likewise, a number of Tensar Systems developed for various above ground applications can be used to optimize mining site operations as well. They include geogrid-reinforced systems designed to reinforce roadbeds, secure grade changes and slopes, stabilize working platforms and contain waste.

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