Underground Mining Support

Underground Mining Support

Underground Mining Support

Safe, cost-effective support solutions for underground construction

The mining industry depends on solutions that meet safety and quality requirements while reducing costs. And that’s exactly what Tensar offers with lightweight, easy-to-handle products that support the unique requirements of mining and tunneling construction. Tensar underground mining support systems include a family of polymeric grid products designed to enhance value, maximize return and reduce overall project costs.

Our products comply with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) CFR 30, Part 7 criteria for permanent applications.

Rib & Roof Control

Tensar mining grid products provide effective rib control for soft minerals, with Minex™ Rock Mesh tackling the most demanding hard rock and tunneling applications.

Tensar roof mats provides the strength and stiffness of 8-gauge welded wire panels with the benefits of a lightweight polymer product. And when compared with 4 in. x 4 in. gauge wire panels, mats have been NIOSH-tested at 87% of pull-through strength. With their greater surface area coverage, Tensar roof mats dramatically reduce the occurrence of rock fall-through. And like Tensar mining grid, Tensar roof mats meet MSHA CFR 30, Part 7 criteria.


When securing ribs in soft minerals or hard rock, Tensar rib straps are the ideal complement to Tensar mining grid products. Strap widths and lengths are custom cut from Tensar roof mat material. Placed over mining grid and Minex Rock Mesh, rib straps greatly increase the bolt plate-bearing surface to dramatically enhance the strength of the underlying mesh.

Tensar uniaxial (UX) rib straps have a longer design life as compared to the typical seven-year service life of metal straps in acidic conditions. And with no metal straps or plates coming in direct contact with the mining grid, the problem of cutting into and weakening the grid is eliminated.

Longwall Screening

Known throughout the industry as the leading longwall screen technology, flame-retardant Minex Rock Mesh has reduced longwall moving from weeks to days, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. The mesh features weight characteristics similar to Tensar mining grid, but with eight times the strength and increased flexibility. With strength bands knitted directly into the mesh, Minex Rock Mesh has largely replaced wire rope reinforcement.

Highwall Screens

Tensar mining grids are used to cover steep highwall faces to control falling debris at mine entrances. Since large sections of grid can be pre-sized and taken to the top of the cut for installation, they’re easier to handle and install than chain link. Strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, mining grids provide a superior alternative to wire mesh.

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