Shreveport Downtown Airport Taxiway

Shreveport, Louisiana

August 2007

Shreveport Downtown Airport uses Tensar's GlasGrid system to rehabilitate one of its most used taxiways

  • General Contractor: Best Yet Builders, LLC
  • Design Engineer: AFJM, Inc.
  • Owner/Developer: Shreveport Airport Authority
Client's Challenge

At Shreveport Downtown Airport, Taxiway Foxtrot, which runs parallel to Runway 14-32, was one of the airport's most used taxiways. It was in need of a rehabilitation to specifically address the significant deficiencies that plagued this pavement. Greater loading strains had taken their toll.

Since Taxiway Foxtrot is located parallel to the main runway and situated on the terminal side of the runway, it is the preferred taxiway for the large proportion of plane maneuvers. This made it very difficult to provide maintenance to it without inconveniencing the valued users. The rehabilitation would need to be carried out efficiently and needed to be performed effectively.

An inspection following 10 years of service indicated that the pavement had significant deficiencies such as large localized block cracking and alligator cracking directly in the landing gear paths. Additionally, it was riddled with longitudinal and transverse cracks. The hot Louisiana sun had severely oxidized these asphalt pavements, leaving them brittle and prone to cracking under traffic loading during the cold winter temperatures.

Tensar Solution

The Shreveport Airport Authority approved the removal of 3.5" of old oxidized asphalt from the taxiway surface and replaced it with new asphalt pavement of the same thickness and including GlasGrid 8511. By reinforcing the asphalt pavement with GlasGrid 8511, the wearing course was given a greater ability to resist tensile stresses and remain free of cracks for a longer duration.

In total, 21,000 SY of GlasGrid 8511 was used to cover Taxiway Foxtrot, and it was paved the same day it was installed. This impressed all of those involved with the project, as it supported a very efficient paving operation.

Seven years after installation, Mr. Dennis Dean, the Project Engineer, summarized his findings in a communication that stated, "...the reinforced overlay has remained crack free and has met the expectations of our design." He concluded by adding, "It is our opinion that GlasGrid 8511 provides excellent protection against reflective cracking in structurally sound pavements."