Rehabilitation of County Route 41

Farmington, NY


GlasGrid Solution Proves Long-term Performance on New York Roadway.

  • Owner: Ontario County Public Works
  • Distributor: RAMSCO
  • Project Engineer: Timothy McElligott
Client's Challenge

A year before installation began in 2009, the outside section of the road began to fail while no cracking was visible in the center portion of the roadway. The remedial strategy was to remove the failed area material and replace it to grade, keeping the center portion. However, a significant settlement of this rebuilt section occurred in the months following the work. Surface water began collecting in the right wheel path of each lane which was causing safety issue concerns. A mill and fill were required to reinstate the cross-fall.

Tensar Solution

As part of this mill and fill work, a full-width overlay along with GlasGrid® 8502 reinforcement was installed. The GlasGrid reinforcement was located over the two construction joints approximately 9 ft from the center line or the length of the project. By 2016, the unreinforced paving joint began to separate in some areas. A slurry seal coat was applied sometime after 2018 and prior to 2021, which has helped to keep the paving joint tight throughout the length of the project. There were localized areas with a few transverse cracks, however they were locatedalong the edge of the pavement. Each of the transverse cracks essentially terminated before they came within 11’ of the GlasGrid® reinforcement. Few if any transverse cracks were full width.