Improve Pavement Performance with a Smaller Budget

by George Charalambous, P.E., on January 12, 2021

Budget shortfalls and rising material costs are adding even more pressure to civil construction projects across Florida. Roadway designers and others in pavement construction are now forced to seek out alternative methods to deliver pavement structures for lower costs and still meet expected performance demands. 

TriAx Geogrid That's why engineers, contractors and owners are turning to geosynthetics, like Tensar TriAx Geogrid, to reduce aggregate and asphalt costs in paved structures and still get the intended design life. TriAx Geogrid works by reducing the movement of aggregate and other soils within a pavement section. TriAx has openings, called apertures, that allow aggregate to strike through, providing confinement and interlock. This forms a stiff section called a mechanically stabilized layer (MSL) that is proven to significantly enhance roadway performance even when less materials are used. Engineers can precisely quantify the benefit of integrating an MSL into the roadway section since it works within AASHTO design methodology. 

Whether the project needs maximum design life, reduced construction costs or the optimum design for a fixed budget, TriAx Geogrid can help meet those requirements. Take a look at these scenarios:

   FL PO Illustration

A conventional pavement section is represented on the left. By incorporating TriAx Geogrid into the pavement section, you can lower the initial construction costs by reducing the asphalt and aggregate requirements and still get the original design life (Option 1) or eliminate Type B Stabilization (LBR 40) altogether (Option 2.) If extending the design life is the highest priority, you can pay the same cost as the original design and get four times the design life by slightly reducing the pavement thickness (Option 3) or pay more up front but reap seven times the design life (Option 4.) Download this flyer to keep these scenarios handy.

George Charalambous HeadshotReady to get the best performance for your construction budget? The Tensar Team is here to help. I'm George Charalambous, the Tensar rep for Florida. Reach out for a free, no obligation project review and I'll gladly look for opportunities to save money and time and reduce risk. 
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