The Importance of Proactive Pavement Management

One of the most significant challenges for Public Works organizations is managing maintenance programs for assets with long lifespans, such as pavements. Difficult yet essential tasks like data management, prioritization, contracting, and execution must be managed effectively to maximize the value of limited resources.

In this month’s webinar, we’ll look at the challenges municipalities face as they work to manage their pavement inventories effectively and efficiently, and the importance of having a pavement management system in place to maximize effectiveness. We’ll discuss the importance of proactively managing your pavement maintenance program and the benefits of performing the right maintenance at the proper time to maximize cost-effectiveness and pavement life. Finally, we will conclude with a brief demonstration of the vialytics Intelligent Road Management System. This is a comprehensive tool for collecting, compiling, and analyzing pavement system data and optimizing the management of these critical and valuable assets.