Santa Barbara City College: Football Field Turf Replacement

Santa Barbara, CA


Tensar® InterAx® geogrid achieves cost savings of $125,000.

  • Owner: Ohno Construction Co.
  • Contractor: Flowers and Associates Inc
Client's Challenge

Contractors encountered soft pumping subgrades during the replacement of the football field turf at Santa Barbara City College. The poor subgrade soil prevented the contractor from achieving compaction requirements. Rather than over-excavate an unknown amount of subgrade to remove and replace the unsuitable soils, they sought a solution from Tensar.

Tensar Solution

Tensar engineers designed a solution using InterAx geogrid. The resulting mechanically stabilized layer used on-site subgrade material with geogrid underneath to stabilize the subgrade and provide a firm and uniform surface. This reduced the haul off of roughly 3,000 cubic yards of subgrade and the import of 3,000 more cubic yards of aggregate base, saving the project approximately $125,000.

Products Used


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