City of Westlake Resurfacing

Westlake, OH

2009 - 2011

City uses Tensar GlasPave® paving mats to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Owner/Developer: City of Westlake
  • Engineer: City of Westlake Engineering Department
  • Sub Contractor: PS Construction Fabrics
  • Distributor: Meredith Brothers, Inc.
Client's Challenge

Due to reflective cracking, concrete streets with asphalt overlays tend to have a short service life, 10 years or less, and expensive pavement maintenance afterwards. The challenge was to increase the lifecycle of resurfaced streets and decrease the maintenance costs by reducing the number of joint repairs, reinforcing the resurfaced asphalt and waterproofing the pavement. The City of Westlake's 20-foot-wide concrete streets featured centerline and transverse joints every 25 feet that were randomly failing.

"We always had to come through and remove the bad joints and then do a full-depth concrete repair and then do an asphalt overlay. It was very costly," said Robert Kelly, Director of Engineering for the City of Westlake. "We were looking to do some value engineering so we didn't have to do so much concrete joint repair."

Tensar Solution

Using GlasPave 50, the project team could mill off some of the top surface of the street, clean the joints, proofroll the street to ensure structural integrity and top-coat the surface without worrying about reflective cracks throughout the whole development. The technology from Tensar also waterproofed the pavement, which decreased the effect of freeze-thaw cycles and thermal pavement damage.

"We probably ended up saving 25%, if not more, on the overall construction cost and got a better finished product by using GlasPave 50," Kelly said. "It has become a valuable tool in our road maintenance program. We could not be happier with the money saved, the construction project speeds up, the road is not torn up as much, the finished project is better, and the long-term maintenance of the roadway is reduced. The product is one of the best new engineered pavement technologies that I've seen come out in the last 20 years."

Products Used


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