vialytics and Tensar Team Up to Transform Infrastructure Management Powered by AI

by Tensar, on October 16, 2023

GovTech company vialytics and Tensar have launched a strategic collaboration promising a new era of infrastructure management. Combining groundbreaking AI technology with decades of experience in construction solutions, the collaboration enables holistic processes for infrastructure management, from road assessment to planning and execution.

Following their latest $10 million Series A and rapid expansion in the US market, German AI company vialytics is now collaborating with Tensar. The collaboration between vialytics and Tensar is set to create a synergy that will transform the way cities plan and execute infrastructure projects. The alliance of both market leaders will prove to be exciting and strategic for its customers. vialytics’s Road Management System lets municipalities manage their road infrastructure with ease, while advanced subgrade and pavement improvements can be solved with Tensar’s engineered solutions using its geogrid technology. Tensar also offers free, cloud-based Tensar+ design software for optimizing roadway designs for performance vs. initial cost, lifecycle cost, time savings,and sustainability.

Road Management meets Civil Engineering

“We are excited to embark on this journey with vialytics”, explains Paul Schmitz, Market Manager for Public Roads at Tensar. “Their AI-based approach to Road Management aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the construction and engineering industry. Together, we will redefine the way infrastructure projects are executed."

With almost half a century of experience, Tensar’s geogrid technology has played a pivotal role in the success of thousands of civil construction and engineering projects worldwide. Through this collaboration, Tensar aims to further extend its influence in the rapidly evolving infrastructure management landscape.

Real-time data for improved road maintenance

vialytics has been at the forefront of infrastructure management since 2018, leveraging cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence. The system helps optimize road maintenance and enhances safety in more than 300 municipalities in Europe and the US. "Our collaboration with Tensar is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team at vialytics”, confirms Andy Kozma, Chief Revenue Officer and President of vialytics Americas. “We are proud to join forces with a company of Tensar's caliber and look forward to leveraging their decades of experience to enhance our technology and provide even more value to our partner municipalities.”

With vialytics, data collection, infrastructure maintenance and workflow management go together in one system. Street condition data is recorded via a smartphone mounted on the windshield of any municipal vehicle. The integrated Artificial Intelligence automatically detects damages on the road surface in 15 different categories. Every picture taken and every task created can be viewed seamlessly in the vialytics web system without having to be on-site. There, road damages, inventory and marked spots can be displayed in detail to organize long-term maintenance measures or quick repairs.

Together, vialytics and Tensar will leverage AI in infrastructure management to provide comprehensive solutions that not only enhance the structural integrity of roads and highways but also optimize maintenance schedules to save time and resources.

About vialytics:

vialytics is the leading Road Management System. The AI-based software relieves the burden on municipal administration staff, reduces paperwork and ensures greater safety, transparent processes and increased sustainability. Due to the recently achieved Series A of $10 million and its international team of 100 employees, vialytics is on an ambitious growth path and used by over 300 municipalities in seven countries.

About Tensar:

Tensar is a global leader in providing project-specific solutions for common site development applications. They add value wherever there is earthwork, environmental or infrastructure development. When compared to conventional site development solutions, Tensar’s technology-based alternatives are faster to install, incorporate higher performance, remain reliable over time and are more cost-effective. Together, these benefits create a greater total value through upfront and lifecycle cost savings, time savings and increased sustainability.

You can learn more about vialytics via this 30-minute webinar

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