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Dimension® Solution Software is used to calculate the bearing capacity and projected settlement beneath shallow foundations, which helps reduce project costs and improve foundation performance. Developed for Tensar International’s Dimension® Foundation Improvement System, Dimension Solution Software offers a number of benefits, including:

Cost savings – Provides clients with safe and reliable designs, which reduce construction costs and time
Reliability – Technology is based upon empirical data derived from extensive field and laboratory research conducted on Tensar® Geogrids
Improved performance – Compared to unimproved foundations, software calculations can help Dimension System solutions:

  • Increase the effective bearing capacity by a factor of up to three
  • Reduce estimated settlement up to 60%
  • Mitigate differential settlement
  • Improve the margin of safety for unforeseen soil conditions


Dimension Solution Software is most effective when working with:

  • One to two-story buildings
  • Footings less than six feet in width (square, rectangular or strip)
  • Maximum applied bearing pressure less than
    4,000 psf
  • Soils with uniform layers
  • Problem soils consisting of soft clays or loose sands

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