Pier A Intermodal Facility

Long Beach, CA


Check out how the Tensar Spectra Rail Railway Improvement System was used to help improve track lines at the Pier A Intermodal Facility in Long Beach, CA.

  • Owner/Developer: Port of Long Beach
  • Design Engineer: DMJM Harris
  • Distributor: Geogrid: CONTECH Construction Products, Inc.


Client's Challenge

The facility’s rail tracks are used by the PoLB Marine Terminal for heavy Class 1 rail traffic. To ensure a long service life with minimum maintenance costs, the PoLB wanted a stabilization solution that could provide effective distribution of the applied loads onto the underlying subgrade soils.

Tensar Solution

Tensar offered using the Spectra® Rail Railway Improvement System to help expand and improve one of its intermodal facilities. The expansion included the construction of eight new rail lines for a total length of 14,000 linear feet.

To accommodate the Pier A rail corridor’s variable soils, engineers from DMJM Harris specified five different cross sections. Four of these sections used one layer of Tensar® geogrid for sub-ballast stabilization. In this application, it increased the strength of the construction platform while reducing excavation and ballast requirements.