Well Site Construction: Proven Cost Savings Tactic

by Scott Phillips, P.E., on March 25, 2020

The volatile oil market has placed a tremendous amount of uncertainty on the industry, causing drilling operations to scramble for cost savings wherever they can. Although the price per barrel can't be controlled there is one thing that can be - the construction costs of well pads, access roads, laydown yards, and other working surfaces.

Conventional construction methods for these structures usually include significant amounts of lime or cement treatment, water, and thick sections of rock, just to name a few.  Also, these structures are usually installed in extremely challenging locations, which often means heavy maintenance costs. When oil was $65 a barrel, the cost of developing drill rig sites was less significant. However, with current oil pricing, that extra $35,000 - $50,000 spent on chemical stabilization or trucking in aggregate combined with yearly maintenance makes a huge difference. In a time when every dollar counts, wouldn't you rather add that to your bottom line? You can when your design is optimized with Tensar TrIAx Geogrid.

Soft-Soil-Method-Comparison-Chart-InfographicTriax Geogrid is placed directly on the existing ground with commonly available structural fill placed on top. TriAx significantly improves the performance of these surfaces while drastically reducing fill, haul and water requirements. And because surfaces stabilized with TriAx Geogrid can support heavier loads, they continue to perform for longer periods of time and with less maintenance, ultimately saving on future expenses. Click the chart to compare installed costs across several stabilization methods.


Benefits of constructing working surfaces with TriAx Geogrid:

  • Finished working surfaces require less maintenance
  • Cost reduction of up to 50% vs. conventional construction
  • Proven performance and experience with O&G working surfaces
  • All-weather installation, including rain, summer or winter
  • No water required
  • No risk to the environment with hazardous airborne chemicals

Visit our online resource center to learn more about constructing reliable, cost-effective oil and gas sites with TriAx Geogrid. 

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