PWX 2018

by Tensar International , on September 11, 2018

As long time supporters of PWX and American Public Works, Tensar joined more than 350 exhibitors to show and tell innovative products and services to help enhance the knowledge of public works industry professionals throughout the country. One of the key messages Tensar showed and told attendees was around stabilization of soft soils. In the demonstration, Tensar utilized a simulation showcasing soft soils using a conventional method geotextile vs. mechanical stabilization with TriAx. One of the primary uses for geogrid is to address weak subgrade conditions, which is a frequent issue for public works officials around the country.

Tensar-PWX-2018-Trade-Show-Booth-Demo-Boxes-TriAx-GeogridEvery year PWX gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception. Main takeaways from the event focused on some of the top trends in public works. Some of these challenges addressed during the conference had to do with Geographic Information Systems and Mapping and EcoSolutions. These special interest pavilions were set up all over the exhibit floor to help attendees get instant access to solutions. Tensar was proud to be part of this area which focused on solutions facing public works officials.

The most exciting part of the 2018 PWX conference was the second-annual National Equipment Roadeo. The Roadeo is where the best of the best from APWA chapters around the country showcase their skills in an equipment and mechanics completion. We know our Tensar friend Beauregard “Beau” Benjamin (aka – The King of the Road) would have loved to have been there.