Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

by Katie Phillips, on June 23, 2024

Women-Engineering-Day.jpgOn June 23rd, 2024 International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) celebrated its 11th anniversary. Started by the Women’s Engineering Society in the United Kingdom, this day shines the light on the tremendous work that women engineers are doing around the globe every day to make our world a better place. This day is also meant to start important discussions around the underrepresentation of women in the engineering field and how the engineering community as a whole can encourage more girls and young women to pursue engineering as a career.


This year’s theme is "Enhanced by Engineering." Tensar is honoring this special day by profiling several women engineers who work to enhance others’ lives for the better. We invite you to learn more about these amazing engineers and their words of encouragement they offer girls consdering an engineering career path. As one of our participants, Judy Eid, eloquently states, "Don't be discouraged by sterotypes or obstacles; instead, see them as opportunities to break barriers and lead by example. You'll find a community of supportive peers and mentors who are eager to see you succeed." 

Christina Mavrommati, CEng MICE
Project Director – Geotechnics
Mott MacDonald

"Engineering is one of the most creative and exciting professions, at the same time it can be challenging and scary but it will open a world of opportunities."

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Emily-Riley.jpegEmily Riley, CEng MICE
Project Manager

“Women have great skills in lateral thinking and are excellent at seeing “the bigger picture” which is something our industry sometimes lacks. By continuing to push for balance within the industry, we will only continue to improve the world of construction.”

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8x10MCarrion.pngMigdalia Carion
Sustainable Pavements Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration


“Engineering is a field that welcomes innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. It allows you to make a tangible impact on the world, improving lives and addressing some of society's most pressing challenges.”
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Georgette-Hlepas.jpgGeorgette Hlepas, PhD., P.E.
Principle Geotechnical Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers


“I think being able to share my experiences and lessons learned through teaching and presenting is one of the best parts of my job.” 

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Judy-Eid.jpgJudy Eid
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Tony Gee and Partners LLP
Core Team Member – Young Member Presidential Group, ISSMGE

“Remember, your unique perspective is valuable and needed in engineering. Our work bridges gaps, solves complex challenges, and pioneers new technologies that improve the quality of life globally. By breaking barriers and pushing boundaries, we not only inspire future generations of engineers but also pave the way for inclusive, sustainable progress.”
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Michelle-Duffy-Turner.jpgMichelle Duffy-Turner
Senior Engineering Geologist
Coffey Geotechnics, Ltd

“A career in Engineering can be challenging but it can also be exciting, diverse and can make a real impact on communities and the environment around you.”

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Ria-Blackmore.JPGRia Blackmore
Associate Technical Director


“Geotechnical engineers, just like me, bring the natural world and man-made structures together in a way which balances the impact on the environment with the ever-changing needs of the human race.”

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Thank you to all of the women who took time to participate in our article. At Tensar, we celebrate you and the contributions of women engineers around the globe who work hard every day to keep our world turning.