Company Overview

Why We Love Our Jobs

We pride ourselves on looking at each project with a fresh perspective. How can we make it more reliable? More efficient? What are your best options for success? Because at Tensar, we love solving earthwork problems with innovative, resilient solutions and sharing that passion with others. We're not afraid to get our boots dirty, from project start to project completion and anywhere in between. Whether you're building roadways, retaining walls, railways, or foundations, we want you to design and build with confidence.

How We Deliver

You only have one chance to get it right. We're here to support you with the right mix of proven technologies, unique tools, and individualized design support - everything you need to deliver better project experiences and better final outcomes.

We provide confidence at the core through proven technology:

  • Global teams dedicated to researching and developing the highest performing geogrids
  • Decades of continuous innovation and third-party validation to reduce risk and ensure fewer surprises
  • Award-winning software that saves you time and effort, while ensuring your designs are reliable and deliver expected results

We are connected in project excellence and deliver proven success:

  • Over 50 years of successful clients and construction excellence
  • Find the best solution for each project's unique needs and challenges
  • Work with you every step of your project as a valued partner, not just a supplier

Greater total value comes with the territory, including proven savings:

  • Deliver projects more efficiently, just as we have for thousands of loyal customers
  • Save materials by reducing quantities or using less expensive alternatives
  • Reduce costs by saving on initial and long-term costs
  • Save time by building more quickly and reducing the impacts of weather on your schedule
  • Meet sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprint and other community impacts
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Who We Are

Tensar is a world-leading manufacturer and provider of ground stabilization and soil reinforcement solutions. Our innovative products have benefited thousands of construction and civil engineering projects around the world for nearly 50 years. Our global team and international network of distribution partners provide support and advice to customers no matter where they are.

  • Over 50 years of success:
  • 1959: Netlon founded by Dr. Brian Mercer OBE
  • 1978: Launch of the Tensar process of geogrid manufacture
  • 1980: Launch of Tensar uniaxial geogrid; used to build a temporary retaining wall supporting a railway
  • 1982: First geogrid manufacturing plant established in Blackburn, UK
  • 1985: Tensar uniaxial geogrid gains BBA certification for UK highways structure
  • 1992: Mercer Lecture series established
  • 2004: Chinese manufacturing plant opens in Wuhan
  • 2006: Tensar Corporation acquires Tensar Group in the UK
  • 2007: Tensar TriAx geogrid launches and wins New Civil Engineer Innovation Award
  • 2010: TriAx geogrid wins the International Geosynthetics Society Award
  • 2012: TriAx geogrid awarded European Technical Approval certification
  • 2013: Tensar geogrid named as one of British inventions of the 20th Century voted by British public
  • 2014: Russian manufacturing plant opens in St. Petersburg
  • 2015: Tensar Road Technology launched
  • 2017: Spectra Pavement Optimisation named Highways Industry Product of the Year
  • 2018: Tensar geogrid hailed as one of the innovations to revolutionize civil engineering by the Institution of Civil Engineers
  • 2019: Tensar wins Manufacturing Excellence Award at the Hive Business Awards
  • 2021: Tensar launches InterAx geogrid
  • 2022: Tensar is acquired by Commercial Metals Company

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  • 2022 ConstrucTech Top Products Award, USA (Tensar+)
  • 2021 ConstrucTech Top Products Award, USA (SpectraPave Online)
  • IGS 2010 Awards, International (TriAx)
  • Better Roads Awards 2010, USA (TriAx)
  • IGS 2009 Awards, China (TriAx)
  • Gold Medal at AUTOSTRADA 2008, Poland (TriAx)
  • Gold Medal at Brno Building Fair 2008, Czech Republic (TriAx)
  • NCE Innovation Award at CIVILS 2007, UK (TriAx)