New Design Methodology for Unpaved Roads

One of the most common challenges in sitework is the efficient construction of unpaved roads, particularly over soft soils. The design of these roads was historically based on imprecise inputs or rules of thumb. In the past 20 – 30 years, improved methods have resulted in better designs and successfully incorporated the benefits of geosynthetics for stabilization.

This session will introduce the newly released modules in Tensar+ software which incorporate the Lees Approach to Applied Mechanical Stabilization for unpaved roads and subgrade stabilization.

In this session, we will: 

  • A brief review of the theory and development of the Lees Approach to Applied Mechnical Stabilization
  • Key advancements and benefits of the new method for unpaved road design
  • A demonstration of the new Tensar+ software modules incorporating the Lees Approach