Focus on Foundation Design

Developers, engineers and contractors know that building reliable foundations over weak soils can be expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive and difficult to stage. They require a solution where structural integrity is enhanced, construction schedules are expedited and project costs are lowered. This month we will focus on the foundation design applications within Tensar+ software with a spotlight on the new Geopier+ module. We will also discuss how Tensar+ can help you design safe and cost-effective working platforms.

This session will include:
  • An overview of the new Geopier+ module that includes many powerful geotechnical tools
  • Design guidance for support of foundations on Geopier® ground improvement systems
  • A look at the included geotechnical calculators, reference materials and soil profiling tools
  • Discuss the design methodology and relevant testing for Tensar’s bearing capacity design method for geogrid-stabilized working platforms
  • Share an example of a working platform design using Tensar+ software