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Keeping projects on schedule and staying on or under budget often means having solid partners with recognized solutions. Tensar’s field and engineering team have helped reduce time and costs on literally thousands of projects. George could be your best unexpected partner, and Tensar your secret weapon.

Schedule time with George to learn how Tensar can help on your current or upcoming projects. He can provide site assessments, project recommendations, help with specifications as well as come to your office to provide an introductory Lunch-N-Learn presentation.

When the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card and America's roadways received a D grade, Tensar International renewed our commitment to help improve America’s roadways to an A+ infrastructure by supporting every road.

Schedule time with your local Tensar representative to learn how TriAx geogrid can help your projects make the grade.

George Charalambous
(404) 435-5778
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Looking for a distributor or ready to buy? George can connect you with your local distributor and keep your project moving.