Tip the Scales in Your Favor: Conquer Risk to Maximize Profits

The success and profitability of construction projects depend on the contractor’s ability to manage risks and identify opportunities to add value. Risks to your project come in many forms – things like weather, supply chain, material costs, labor, and permits. So do opportunities to generate additional value. We traditionally think of money when we talk about adding value to projects, and that’s still the primary motivator in many cases. But what would improved productivity, earlier completion, reduced material quantities, or a smaller carbon footprint mean to the success of your project? And how can you effectively identify such opportunities?

In this webinar, we discuss:
  • Sources of risk and value in construction projects
  • A framework for evaluating the associated opportunities
  • Examples of successful projects
In today’s fast-moving and complicated construction environment, it’s all too easy to find yourself buried in the details and miss value opportunities. This session will help you identify opportunities to drive greater project success.