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Rapid Repair System

The Rapid Repair™ System is a complete repair system for the reinforcement of jointed superstructures, single cracks, and small localized areas.

RR PG100 and RR PG25 pavement patches are made up of a fiberglass reinforcement bonded to a polymer modified layer of asphalt.  They are specifically designed for the manual repair of small areas and can be installed directly on milled surfaces after the application of a manufacturer's approved tack coat.

Our pavement patches slow and reduce reflective cracks by turning crack stresses horizontally to dissipate stress.  They can also be used for covering trenches, base repair patches, and lane widening.

Features and Benefits of the Rapid Repair System:

  • Self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen layer
  • Ultrathin, so no bumps
  • Fast and easy manual installation (four easy steps)
  • Slows and reduces long-term cracking
  • Increases pavement life
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Fully millable and recyclable
  • Moisture barrier

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